Reed Davies

Meet Reed

Published on 15th March 2017

After successfully negotiating himself through the Ambition Academy in March 2016, Reed is now a part of our Banking and Financial Services team in Sydney. Here's his story of the last 12 months...

Why did you decide to try the recruitment industry?

Working in recruitment wasn’t always my plan. I suppose one of the driving factors, was from feeling like I’d achieved all that I could in my previous roles with one of the big banks. Coupled with a little influence and persuasion from my sister, who had been in the industry for some years, and seemed to be doing quite well for herself – I thought I’d give it a try!

What were your experiences of the Academy?

When you put a bunch of budding sales people in a room together for four weeks you’d expect a lot to happen. The month-long training was really intense and we started by getting to know the theory and statistics behind recruitment, how each market differed and how it affected us. Once we had built our confidence we started making calls and getting to know the all-important client relationship management and how to, in essence, do the job in the real world.

Was there anything that differed in reality from your preconceptions of the industry?

To be honest, my exposure and knowledge of the industry was limited before I started. I was aware that there was an industry where people help other people find jobs and that some of these recruiters were bad – as most people like to let everyone know of their negative experiences. After a bit of research and learning, I was happy to know that Ambition was a reputable company with a clear focus on doing the right thing for all parties involved in the recruitment process. I found that there are people who actually dedicate their lives to finding other people the career and job of their choice, from beginning to end.

Talk about the skills you’ve developed in the last 12 months?

The last 12 months have been an absolute rollercoaster that has had me smiling and kept me on my toes throughout.

There are a few things I’ve learned that have helped me grow into my role and the first is resilience. You talk to a lot of candidates, clients and colleagues in recruitment and not all of these interactions have a positive outcome. This could range from someone having a change of heart after verbally accepting a role, or letting down a senior because you weren’t able to move fast enough to cover a contract role.

One more thing I’ve learned is that is that having your colleagues on side, and ensuring there’s always healthy communication is vital in succeeding in this industry. Finding a business where you genuinely buy into your teammates, because you know they match your work ethic and goals, really helps satisfaction levels in the whole office and make coming to work and succeeding much easier.

What has been your highlight so far at Ambition?

Competition in recruitment is massive and something I absolutely feed off. We had a brand new client come in from a referral for an accountant role that was deemed unfillable by their normal recruiter and they had pitched a lifeline to us – the pros. Within about six hours we had two interviews booked, and a few days later we had them blown away with the quality of candidates and the position was filled – with them begging for the sign-off to hire the other candidate too!

What was it like when you made your first placement?

Making your first placement is a fabled glass roof to break through. It feels like a grind when you first begin and even seems to feel like an impossible feat only achieved by the top performers in the business. However, it definitely can be done and when you do cross the line, the air will feel the fury of 1,000 fists pumping in satisfaction. It was good!

What are your professional plans for 2017?

2017 is ramping up to be a big year for us in banking and finance. Our banking team continues to grow which means we will have the manpower to really make some positive changes. Our smaller clients are growing and our larger ones have some huge projects coming up that we are ready to attack. It is shaping up to be a very successful 2017. Bring it on…