Fraser Rix

Meet Fraser

Published on 3rd March 2017

Fraser joined Ambition in 2016 to concentrate on recruiting in the digital marketing space. He's hit the ground running in what is not only a new job, but a new country. Here's his story so far...

You recently relocated to Australia from the UK. What prompted you to make the move? 

A combination of personal reasons and a desire to give myself a better opportunity to immerse myself in a sector I want to focus on. Australia is also a great location for Digital Marketing and recruitment in general – plus, the weather isn’t too bad either!  

Are there any noticeable differences in the recruitment industry between the two countries? 

The industry in Australia is a combination of being friendlier and more cut-throat at the same time. Relationship building is the part of my job I love the most and in Australia, relationships are valued much more than they are in the UK. 

My desire to provide a quality service over quantity/speed is facilitated much more here. The market for Digital Marketing is great! I was told before I landed, that Australia was about 2 years behind the UK market which, for SMEs, is probably true. However, there are companies here at the forefront of digital innovation and ideas and improvements seem to get to market quicker. 

Can you tell me more about your specific role within Ambition? 

I specialise purely in the Digital Marketing space, something that I have a huge amount of passion for. I support people looking for both contract and permanent opportunities

If you were to give one piece of advice to a candidate searching for their perfect role, what would it be? 

Focus on what you really want from your next position – over and above salary. Look at the culture of the business to judge whether or not your values align and if the role offers you the long terms prospects and opportunities you need. 

Why should candidates and clients work with Ambition and work with you? 

Simply put, we are experts in our fields. We have an “inch wide, mile deep” approach to our markets, meaning we understand explicitly, what our clients require and the technologies/skillset required to make them succeed.

Why use me personally? Well, I love Marketing! I can talk Marketing all day long and know the difference between SEO and PPC and why a brand marketer and product marketer are different! I understand the difference between PR and Social whilst understanding the correlation and relationship between the two. This is what you need when trying to identify quality candidates and these are the conversations that I have with people. 

Are there any trends/growth sectors you are seeing for 2017? 

Within Digital Marketing, here in Sydney, the content and social space is booming. Companies are beginning to understand that true brand awareness and conversion comes from relevant, useful content. It’s what drives engagement from customers and what elevates your position within the market. Paid search advertising and other similar methods will always have a place, but right now, content is king! 

Apart from being a Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant extraordinaire, what gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Coffee!! Another thing I have discovered that is better here. Seriously, the quality of coffee in this city is phenomenal. I have heard Melbourne is better, but right now I am in heaven! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

You will always regret the things you didn’t do, over the things you did!