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Interviewing for a C-suite job? Make like a golf caddy!


There’s an old saying about what makes for a good caddy.

“Show up. Keep up. Shut up”

In a slightly bizarre way, these are good tenets to abide by in an interview situation. 

Show up: Quite simply, get there on time! If the person conducting the interview is an ‘on time person’ then being even a little late will start things off on the wrong foot.

And in fact, I’d suggest getting there a few minutes early to sit in reception and take in the vibe of the place – it can be very instructive.

Keep up: The current business environment is extremely fast-paced and often somewhat ambiguous. Many interviewers will therefore deliberately run the interview to be similarly paced and perhaps even slightly unstructured.

Go prepared for this, with a fresh mind and as much mental agility as you can muster.

Shut up: Long, meandering answers can seriously damage your chances. You need to be concise and clear, and then shut up! If the interviewer wants more detail on that point, they’ll ask.

Furthermore, I believe you should go into an interview to do no more than 50% of the talking. And when you’re not talking, listen actively – that’s when you glean if this is the organisation for you. Plus, let’s face it, most people like to talk about their own employer and how they fit in, so this approach will make them feel good… and therefore feel good about you.

Golf and interviewing – who knew!

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