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YOU are worth investing in!

Published on 14th September 2016

In my role, I regularly have conversations with talented,  experienced women who feel they have been overlooked for roles they are more than capable of fulfilling. 

Career progression is often limited as often the roles with flexible working arrangements do not have sufficient opportunities for promotion. 

I truly believe, with confidence and commitment to your own goals, you really can have it all. 

On my quest for Gender Equilibrium in corporate Australia, I fortunately work closely with our Ambition Elite Partners, a range of Career Coaches, Specialists and Professionals who, among other valuable services, have a dedicated approach to empowering and developing women.  

We are excited to be partnering with Katalin Howell, director of Flow Leadership and Melissa Lewis, director of Style Confidante to run the  “Women who Lead”  leadership program. This program has been specifically designed to empower women to identify and leverage their strengths so they can have the confidence to be visible, have influence and self-promote with style.  

If you feel you’re ready to invest in YOU or you'd like to invest in a valued member of your team – I would highly recommend this workshop.