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Seven of the hottest tech skills in Hong Kong

Published on 2nd September 2016

At present, I cannot go to a business meeting or a social gathering without someone telling me about the latest technology, tech start-up, app or talking about how technology is changing their business and let's not even mention Pokemon Go! 

Disruptive and Emerging technologies appear to be amongst the hottest sectors in Hong Kong at present and the demand for cloud computing, mobile, development, digital technology and IT security experts continues to rise. 

Below are 7 of the most in-demand Tech skills sets that our clients are searching for in 2016: 

1. Development - we continue to see high demand for Developers / Engineers in 2016 and quite simply there is not enough talent to keep up with demand. Development skills in .NET/C#, Java, mobile (iOS/Objective-C, Android) skills are highly sought after with positions ranging from entry level to solution architect. Front end skills including AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5 are also highly sought after.

2. Data Analytics – The advent of ‘Big Data’ and the digital age has meant a rise in the number of data analytics roles in the market. ETL (Extract Transfer Load) experience; Python, R, SAS are all in-demand skills sets.

3. IT Security - Large multinational corporations around the world have hit the headlines in 2016 with high-profile security breaches of their IT systems and loss of data. IT security remains a high priority and IT Security professionals at Analysts through to Director level are in demand.

4. Cloud Computing Infrastructure – Cloud computing remains a hot area and a large number of organisations are looking for candidates with project/technical knowledge in cloud-based solutions, such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.

5. Digital Marketing – The whole world of ‘Digital’ is still a rapidly growing space and the hybrid of technology & marketing professionals such as Content Managers, e-commerce professionals, and SEO/SEM experts have a have wealth of opportunities in 2016!

6. Fintech Project Managers / Business Analysts - The implementation of financial systems to make businesses more efficient is a hot sector both globally and in Asia. As organizations continue to seek to upgrade or implement financial systems to give them a competitive edge, demand for high-quality project managers and business analysts (especially those with Change Management experience) to deliver these large-scale projects on time and to budget is high and is expected to continue.

7. Helpdesk / Desktop Support – These roles are a little more traditional but with an increasing focus on Technology, businesses require professionals that can support their employees to get the best of their Technology. As well as all round Tech knowledge, strong communication skills and multi-language support in English, Mandarin & Cantonese are highly sought after with other Asian languages, like Korean or Japanese a plus.

If you are looking for a new role in 2016 or if you would like to find out about how Ambition can help source talented professionals with these skill sets and many more please get in touch!

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