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Portfolio careers and flexible workforces: a perfect match in a fast-changing, uncertain world

In last few days the world became even more volatile and uncertain. 

As always, this presents challenges… and opportunities. 

For employers, ‘fixed’ labour costs can be concerning when the outlook is not clear. The philosophy is along the lines of rent rather than buy. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Staffing for projects with a finite timeline 

  • Engaging specific skills needed today but not tomorrow (e.g. IT or finance business transformation) 

  • With most organisations running lean, contractors alleviate stress for current staff during peak periods 

  • The rise of senior executive interim managers – many organisations are forgoing consulting firms and hiring interims to solve problems, develop strategies or capitalise on opportunities 

For individuals, there are some persuasive upsides: 

  • Variety: skilful, talented professionals can secure a range of assignments, sometimes even covering different industries more easily than with permanent roles 

  • Assignments are usually high task orientated with a definite outcome – great for job satisfaction and building your resume 

  • Keeps your options open: unlike 15-20 years ago, doing some contract work does not preclude you from re-entering permanent employment 

  • A reasonable number of assignments are less than 5 days per week – wonderful for flexibility or truly embracing a portfolio career 

In Asia, Australia and the UK, we are predicting continued and long-term growth in this style of work and method of staffing/talent acquisition. 

Ambition is a leading global boutique recruitment business with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and London. 
We specialise in interim and permanent placements in a range of white-collar disciplines.

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