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Women with Ambition

Women with Ambition is an exclusive networking series for career focused women across the Finance, Banking and Technology sectors.

Launching Women with Ambition in 2006, we aim to give our female community the opportunity to interact with their peers in a social atmosphere whilst providing an insightful presentation by a keynote speaker.

Our WWA breakfast events take place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Previous Women with Ambition events

The Science of Happiness at work - May 2015

Stacey Ashley joined Ambition and AccountAbility to run an interactive session where the audience discovered the high correlation between energy and happiness, and the impact that happiness has on the productivity of individuals, teams and organisations.

Stacey is also the Managing Director of Ashley Coaching & Consulting.

'Cut Through Communication' for effective leadership
Melbourne and Sydney - August 2014

We recently did a roadshow of Women with Ambition in Sydney and Melbourne where Corrinne Armour, Director of Extraordinary Future, joined us to present on 'Cut Through Communication' for effective leadership.

Corrinne provided 5 key insights to effective communication. A huge thank you to Corrinne and our wonderful audience and staff for their participation.

Here are Corrinne’s 5 key takeaway points.
For more information on Corrinne please visit


'Failing Fast and Succeeding'

Thank you to everyone who attended our Women with Ambition event in Sydney. Entrepreneur,
Lisa Messenger, CEO The Messenger Group and Editor-In-Chief of Renegade Collective magazine joined Women with Ambition as guest speaker to share her career journey and the importance of taking risks and believing in yourself.

In case you missed the event or would like a recap, here's a snapshot of what was discussed.

Read more about the event

Women with Ambition event in Sydney, 7th May 2013
'Leveraging diversity for improved marketplace success'

Our previous event was held in Sydney, with guest speaker Heather Price, CEO of Symmetra, who presented about leveraging diversity for improved marketplace success.

Watch Heather's takeaway points on leveraging diversity in your workplace:

Previous topics covered include:

  • Economics in plain English
  • Innovation Survivor: How to put think, outsmart and outlast your competitors
  • Leadership in the year of the dragon
  • The Brand Called You
  • Retaining your Footing on the Corporate Ladder Post Family
  • Managing generational diversity effectively in your workplace